VTours – Ollantaytambo




An amazing and Beautiful site that can be explored virtually for only $30 per session by those who wish to test drive and understand the platform better.


We do not offer prerecorded video tours like some. Our tours are LIVE and PERSONAL.

Your experience with us is full involvement and our explorer will be on site, live and connected with you throughout the exploration via our console.

Stonework IDENTICAL to what can be found inside Machu Picchu.

The Giant Rocks you see above in this stonework are identical in shape and form to those found within Machu Picchu Citadel. If you ever wanted to study those formations and joins UP CLOSE then this is the GOLDEN OPORTUNITY!!!

With our personalised tours YOU are in control of the exploration from start to finish via our console.

If you chose to spend the allotted time to go full close up on those rocks then you will see them in as much detail as you would if you were there.

Grab a bargain while we maintain out PLATFORM TEST DRVE price of $30!!!

Our unique Platform allows it’s subscribers to fully Explore ancient archaeological sites remotely.

Users ENJOY & Experience full control of the exploration from the comfort Their homes!

Our explorers are there for you! Within the bounds of the exploration area, common sense and safety, they are under your full control.

With more than five world famous archaeological sites in our itinerary, you can also enjoy YEARLY and MONTHLY subscriptions that offer various levels of service, with weekly events and updates live.